Environmental policy

Environmental policy

The management of Orion Electronics Ltd obligates itself to fulfil the requirements of EN ISO 14001:2004 environmental standards, which need to be followed without any exception in all areas and departments.

The top priorities include efficient use of all sources of energy, prevention of environmental pollution and complete compliance with requirements and demands of customers, laws and rules.

An important feature of the operations is the absolute fulfilment of the objectives and constant development of the environmental management system.

The objectives will be decided in line with the Environmental Policy and the environmental management system will constantly monitor and ensure availability of all necessary resources to achieve these obectives.

All managers and employees of Orion Electronics Ltd, all such persons who work for or in the interest of the organization or those who carry on activities within the premises of the organization as tenants have been made aware of the requirements as laid down in the Environmental Management Manual, environmental management procedures and other related documents. These requirements are obligatory requirements for any activities carried out in the premises of the organization.